The Lady in Red

I am such a girlie girl! I love a good dress that just compliments your body well. This Surplice Neckline Self Tie Circle Dress  crimson beauty is a dress to wear. The style, the look, and the fit is truly amazing!


A little about the dress! I am wearing a size 3XL and it fits perfectly around the bust area. The color is very bright! The dress has a peek-a-boo low V-cut for the “girls” to perk a little or like what I have done I added an ebony color camisole to cover the front for an extra taste of color. The top part of the dress falls perfectly around the waistline to give it that accentuating look. The bottom of the dress flares out beautifully. With a perfect wind you can have a Marilyn Monroe moment. The dress is very light and moves with every movement you make making it very sassy and carefree. I chose this dress because not only it comes with its own belt, but also the waistline fits so nicely you can add a color belt to give it more stylish look and color.


I’ve worn this dress with myboyfriend on a dinner date and he couldn’t stop complementing on how well the dress looks on me. This dress is truly a showstopper. I surely will be wearing this dress again on a boat cruise and/or brunch with the girls. When purchasing thisdress you can use “enjoycurves20″ % off based on original price and valid for any orders $59 or more. Happy shopping and look forward to you sharing your beautiful pieces!









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