Lavender in Spring

Spring is a time of growth, cleanliness, and a fresh start to new beginnings. Well , many do not know I am a fan of any color purple. Why? Purple speak royalty! It speaks rich in color and life. It sparks a level of command with a twist of fun! it speaks growth, rejuvenation, pose, and power!

IMG_6345When I purchased this dress the look was deceiving. I thought it was smaller than it was. After trying the dress on, it was a match made in heaven! This dress is everything! Not alone the color is vibrant and full of life!

Ruffle Front Bib Dress is perfect for the upcoming seasons! The dress falls nicely around the body, giving it that desire look and clings to the body perfectly. The ruffle 3D top is lined with buttons linear pass the breast to add fun! Yes,the arms are fully expose, but are slightly cover with a flare top to bring some simple sophistication to the arms.

This dress is a way of life, easy, stress free, and stylish! I really didn’t want to take away from the dress by adding any accessories because it already stands out on its own and it is a flare of fun…up top!

This easygoing dress is perfect for the outdoor fun to brunch, church services, to the winery, or a great time with the gals. You won’t be disappointed.









IMG_6341Yes, the dress is from Eloquii. All opinions are my own!

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