Avenue FashBash

I am still overjoyed on how I was the host of Avenue Fashion Show in Bowie, Maryland. I was able to meet so many women of sizes, ages, height, and beauty. I am so grateful for store manager Carlin Holland for allowing to take on such a great role of hosting the event. The staff was very attentive, they made sure I had water and snacks, and making sure I was very comfortable. We aren’t in the south, but Carlin and her staff hospitably made me very good at ease. Come on in and take a fashionable journey into Avenue Fashion Show!

IMG_4015My Outfit:

My full outfit is from Avenue. Details are on the bottom. I wanted to go with their new collection Loralette. It is made for their younger consumers who wants to shop at Avenue, but still wants to look trendy with a touch of edgy. My top is a see-through bomber, embroidered jacket that is perfect for the upcoming seasons and can be easily mix and match with any cute bra or tank. I matched it with a polka-dot top underneath to give that spark and fun look. The Destructed Grommet Jeans very stylish, comfy, and perfect fit. I am wearing a size 18 and fit nicely around the thighs and waist area. I added the pop of red heels to give the outfit that full and illuminating, trendy edge look!



Below I had the honor of photographing with store manager Carlin Holland.


The Event:

Walking into the store immediately you felt the mood of a runway show! The racks were pushed together, but still able to maneuver through out so you’re able to purchase and shop while waiting for the show. The people kindly align their chairs vertically on along the runway and sat with anticipation.

IMG_3891I proceeded to the back and there were all the models! They were talking and getting acquainted with one another and just having a good time. I spoke to the ladies and they were excited to be walking, for some have walked before and others were their first time and so enthuse to be walking. I changed and immediately the “hosted feeling” came over me! I was ready to set Avenue Fashion show up!

The show began at 2:10 because more and more people were coming in. I called the first model and when she came out, people started screaming and yelling for their love ones. Out of all the categories the people really enjoyed the active wear a little more. I believe many people can relate to the active wear because it could be used in so many ways, for exercise, running errands, or just feeling stressless and looking good when out. Overall, the show was fun and can’t wait to see what next year holds.

Until next year, stay fashionable and walk like world is your runway!


My face shows how happy I was on how the women showcased their clothes and how great they perform.


Getting the audience in enthuse and excited about the giveaways, Avenue magazine, great percentages off on bras and clothes, and much,much more!










Destructed Grommet Jeans  

Dot Tank

Bomber jacket sold out online!


All opinions are my own!


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