Pure Joy

The pure joy is having the ability to feel good, look good, and simply being good in and out. When I dress I want my dressing to be impactful and speak volume. I want a woman or man to leave feeling great knowing that they can dress this style and imitate the look or play on it.

The JOY of having a great pair of jeans will make your thighs very happy! When you’re in a pair of jeans you can almost match it to the utmost with any top, kimono, sweater, jacket etc. I love a great pair of jeans. These girlfriend jeans are a nice fit. Now, for everyone who knows me know that I am not a fan of jeans, because some jeans can stick to your thighs and cause friction. When I find a great pair I stick with it and wear everyday if I can or could. The light wash is a nice color for the upcoming seasons and can be worn with any top. The color is simple allowing you to be to magnify that perfect top or stylish heel.

Let’s talk about this top…YASSS! When I saw this top I knew it was mind. The color is pure white, giving off that beautiful, radiant look. The detail on the arm of the top is amazing. The double flare on the arm gives it that unique style and spunky feel. This top will have everyone asking where did you get it?

This outfit was made to be out. It was made to be at the wine festival with bae, brunch with the girls, or just hanging out by the pier. It is a perfect spring, simple outfit

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 










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