I Ain’t a Member

Many years ago and a few attempts I was signed to a fitness gym! Like many, I was excited to attend. I went faithfully for a week. I was slowly going two times a week. After a week or so I was going once a week and finally fell off completely! Now, I was paying and wasn’t going. I had a personal trainer; hell I was telling him I wasn’t in the mood to come, and just plainly living on “excuses road”! I had the desire to go, but I just never went, I think I paid more weeks then I actually attended! Waste of money right!! I cancelled my subscription and felt only good that I didn’t have to pay.

IMG_4930Well, time pass and I wasn’t feeling great. It was almost I felt I was convicted to get up and exercise. In all retrospect, I just didn’t want to pay anyone’s fee. Plus, I wasn’t obedient enough to go to a gym. I found many ways on how to stay fit without feeling guilty of not working out and paying for something I am not using. Well, here’s how I became my own member and a few tips on how I exercise, keep money in my pocket,and feeling great.

IMG_4915Here are a few tips on how I exercise with out paying any cash flow:

  1. Walking around the Neighbor: Utilize the sidewalks around the neighborhood. I am not a runner, but I can run if chose. Walk,get the body moving, park further from the house, and just get up and move.
  2. Find a park: I have several parks that I go to when working out. Finding that park around the neighborhood will be easy, no cost, and your are working at your own pace. Plus, you’re getting fresh air.
  3. Indoor activity: I am the first to cry when it rains a drop, I am not going anywhere. Make a space in your home where you can do squats, jumping jacks, sit-ups, and dance a little. You don’t have to always walk, just moving will help the body to stay rejuvenated and energized.
  4. Invest in a Bike: Self-explanatory! Just riding a bike your moving and getting the moving.
  5. Try to get a accountability friend: I know suggesting all these things will be great, but sometimes having someone to check up on you will be awesome. With a partner you’re able to concentrate on each other and the workout.Having that accountability will help you stay focus, motivated, and wanting to exercise

Once I feel I am obedient in the near future I hope to find a membership that I can join without feeling guilty and wasting my money. Go out an enjoy the brisk air and work towards a healthy you!










Outfit from Kmart! All opinions are my own!

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