Blush Love

Who is ready for Valentine’s Day? Well, ready or not here it comes! I maybe…ugh! We will talk about that at a later time, BUT I love Valentine’s Day because I love seeing all the cute accessories from my favorite stores Target (Tarja’), Walmart (Wolly World), Home Goods and more . Side not! The truth is I love dressing up! Dressing is a “this girl favorite pass time.” Dressing up makes “me” feel great!

We know many singles may not find this day
“lovable”, but if I can be a since of encouragement, BE THE CHNAGE YOU EANT TO SEE! This day doesn’t mean you have to be depressed, look your worst, be in the dumps, or just don’t give a care, It’s another day to feel great and make you feel ever greater. Looking for a great Valentine’s Day outfit is simple now days, but as a “girlie girl” like myself I want to look my best and feel my best. Adding a different view and style,but getting more out of your wardrobes is always a plus.

Valentine’s Day colors are your typical red, pink, and white, but I wanted yo switch it up little. I am wearing this burgundy body con dress that hugs nicely around my curves. The top lace gives a little peek-a-boo to showcase the neckline. The flare around the neckline has a three-D flap that gives the dress some funky look. Why not get more from your clothes? I added this blush pink skirt to add more flare looks to the outfit. The A-line blush pink skirt opens nicely and really give that dainty look!

This outfit your gives you that sexy and girly girl look! Remember go out and look your best regardless the day!  Happy Valentines!












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