Healthier Me

The way we feel inside should alter the way we feel on the outside. BUT! We all know that isn’t the case when we are dealing with the hustle and bustle of life. I want to be serious about weight loss and its up and downs and how it can really trigger one’s mood.

I exercise to stay healthy, not so much to losing weight! Why, because I love the way I am and the way I look, but being healthier is a goal because who wouldn’t want a healthy, working system! My daily routine that keeps me sane and healthy all over in and out goes as follows. This may not work for many, but it works for me!

My daily routine:

  1. Prayer- I pray daily! Every morning I pray because I need to let God know how I feel! Yes, He knows, but “…bring everything in prayer…” Scripture-Philippians 4:6
  2. Relaxation-I relaxes once I am done with my prayer! WHY? I like to reflect and anticipate on a great day…in spite of! It helps with getting myself
  3. Stretching- I get my body moving, turning and twisting, and just moving.
  4. Exercise- I complete ten sit-ups, 15 squats, and jog in place. You don’t need equipment to make “YOU” feel better.
  5. Staying positive! When you have a positive outcome you bleed greatness! People see it and want to know why. When you challenge positive, want to be around positive, speak positive, you will eventually exude positive.
  6. DRINK WATER! I know I need to drink water more. I drink, but not as much as my doctor wants me too. Drink water! Water keeps you pure and have a regular, operate system!

Whatever you’re regiments are it’s always great to follow them with consistency, so you’re able to see and record great results. If things tend to fall out of order only you can change them to solidify a healthy life!











IMG_3916Outfit: Workout Gear 

Shoes: Sneakers

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