Loving Me First

Getting the year right is always a good start! I am not a big person on fitness, but I know it is a vital part of my life. Without it this temple will fall slowly to bad health. I have a few tips on how I stay healthy constantly.

1. Doctor’s visits. You must see the doctor. Having annual doctor’s visits will surely keep you abreast of a healthy lifestyle. It will also keep you inform of your vitals. Knowing your vitals are important because it can help to assure where you stand when eating or taking on certain activities. You will need to the correct physician for each body part. If you haven’t planned that visit do so today!

2. Drinking water. It is true. Drinking eight glasses of water a day will keep your body clean from the inside and out. Water flushes your system. It helps moves your bowels so it keep it regular. If your not use to the taste start off small. Drink two glasses a day and every week or two weeks increase your cup. Without water your system will eventually feel

3. Stress free. Wow, I can’t tell you how so many people bring stress into their life. First you need to uncluttered your mind. Start with what is important that needs to stay and what needs to go. If someone or something is disturbing your peace pray on it a get rid of it

4. Exercise daily. When you can walk daily your body will feel so energized. You won’t feel so tired or lazy. You will see a change in your body. If there is seething that you don’t like with your body. Write down what are some ways to get rid of it and start small. Small goals contour bigger goals.

5.Pray and Rest. Yes, prayers work. When you pray to your higher being and believe it will get done. You will need a great amount of rest daily. That is how the body recharge it self.

Remember this is a new year. Finish strong!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

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