SexyPlus Halter Fun

Summer is HERE! Yes, I am not a big fan of the summer season, but I adore the fashion and cool looks that summer has to offer. The sundresses, halter dresses, and wrap dresses is what a girl look forwards to!

4B9BB9FE-87EA-430D-9DBF-0A5896603313I am so ready for a great vacation that I can I wear this beautiful ensemble from SexyPlus that is fit for a curvy like alike! This Sunnyside Up Smocked Plus Sundress is very light and free. The dress is a halter dress that is elastic around the bust area! It has great stretch and comfort for “the girls” on top. This is a great dress for larger women. It comes in various sizes and I am wearing a size 3XL. The colors are bright and fun! The flare bottom adds that twist of fun and excitement giving the dress that moving of fun!


This is a versatile dress, which can be change from day and night. This is a poolside dress that can be worn over the swimsuit and dress up at night with a bracelet and a pair of cute wedges. I just added a straw hat and a pair of tan wedges for a spunky ands fun look.

Vacation fashion is met for easy wear and fun times. This halter dress is just that and more.














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