Four Years Grinding

First giving honor to my God who breathe and lives in me. Who has never shorted me on anything! Who has held my hand, allowed to fall, but helped me to get up, but most and importantly never quitting!

Screaming Happy Fourth Blogging Anniversary to me! What fours of grinding has shown me, has taken me through, has opened my mind, and still going through!

My fours of blogging has been nothing but GREAT!  Who would have thought God would have allow me to see four years of making this simple hobby become a passion now making cash flow! The thought is real, but I saw myself pushing, networking, grinding to get to “a line” to finish a task at hand. I say “a line” because there is really no finish line until you have put it to rest!

I just want to thank the brands that have supported me,continue to want to work with a girl, and encouraging me through this blogging. Whose compliments never came short! Whose encouraging words through emails, letters, and DM have been nothing but inspiring and touching!

To my good good friends who has nothing but watch me fail, got up, fail, got up and repeat, but never allowing me to stop and has always encouraged me to the end. Thank you for your love and support and willingness to be there to support me, help me, and has shown nothing but love. To my fans and followers this wouldn’t have happen without you! Thank you for your unwavering love and encouragements through tour my blogging life!

Thank you GOD! Thank you GOD! Thank you GOD! Now on to see what the fifth has and greater! Stay tune because in every being in me God is about to do something spectacular to this ordinary girl!!

Love you all and stay bless!!



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