Ebony Zip Skirt

Ever just looking to be the talk of the town! Well, you will be with this skirt. I am not  the short, short type of skirt type of girl, but the asymmetrical had me. When I  received the Plus Zipper Decoration Solid Skirt  the design is what had me. The skirt diagonal zipper is a cute fashionable piece and unique way of design.

The leather is nice for any season. I am wearing a size 3XL an dits comfortable fit! I wore some high-boots to add the fire in the skirt. The skirt does come in red too!

This skirt is met to be played with a fun and excitement. The skirt is a funky way of expressing freezing and outgoing. I’ll surely wear this lovely skirt to any event that is fun and exciting.

Since Cyber monday is upon us you to can get this skirt and more at a low cost. Use code: BF181040 for 20% off, no limitations. Search ID: 553426. Use this while the code last until December  23. This skirt is for the fashion and style in you! Happy shopping!


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