Self Care-Big Fig Mattress

The life I live is very fast and on the go. I am always going, thinking what is my next move, why I need certain things in order to do the next and never any down time from it all. I am always on the go and wanted to go, go, go! BUT! Self-care has been a thing important thing now. I found self-care to be an essential part of one’s daily life.

78678A2C-AB29-4F01-826E-95E20CD546CBBeing an educator can sometimes be draining and mind blowing. YES, MIND BLOWING! You have to be prepared for the unexpected. Sometimes you’re over prepared you don’t know what is the next move. I get up early and lay down late can have a toll on you body. You’re always thinking on how to make sure things are going to be. It is a continue cycle.

What is self-care to me? Self-care is listening to your body! Self-care is mentally, physically, and emotionally preparing your body to be one. Self-care is recognizing  that the body needs certain items in order to survive and live. I am here for self-care! Self-care is a must! I have put down three things I do daily if not every408D132C-F241-4657-9197-3E2C98CC68EC other day.

Since getting my mattress I have been feeling really relax! When I get home there are some non-negotiable items that I do every night. I’ll share three things on self-care since getting my Big Fig Mattress.

I relax as soon as I get home for an at least an hour. Relaxation is key! I don’t’ just lay down, but I relax. I “de” plus from everything, whether it is the cell phone, computer, and conversation I “de” plug. Allowing the body to relax in a comfortable bed is like having a massage. My bed is soft and it is even greater since I am the only one in the bed and it feels all so great! Yes, sometimes that relaxation leads to a sleep, but I train myself to have that nap or just sleep. I normally “de” towards the end of the day so my body can just relax.

AA47ABF7-0E98-49B5-A94D-71C7A91154ADI love reading and giving myself manicure in my bed. First my bed is realization, so the feeling makes everything so great! When reading it is why time to stay abreast, whether my bible, my magazines, or just reading an article.

I love having a cup of hot tea or coffee. I am a coffee connoisseur. I love when I am able to drink my coffee and lay in bed. I know many like to drink wine, but my coffee it what soothes me and keeps me focus. Now I may not drink a hot beverage all the time, but I am  to relax is the most important things.


The holiday seasons are quickly approaching and you want to feel hug snug right in your own Big Fig Mattress that truly conforms and support plus size frame and /or taller built. Well, this bed is for you! Also, if you order makes sure you use my code ENJOYCURVES at checkout for $100 off your purchase. Everyone deserves to have a nice comfy sleep and the BIG FIG Mattress makes sure of that.

Happy sleep and rest!











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