You Scream I Scream Graphic T


As I child and adult I’ve always love ice cream. My friends I would go to Denny’s just to eat ice cream, desert, and have girl’s talk! The variety of taste and JOY of eating ice cream just has a way of calming down any problems one may have.

I must ask, who doesn’t like the yummy, sugary, taste stuff we stack in a cone and or cup? We all do of course. Summer is here and it is time to eat the cool stuff that is so fattens, but taste so good and smoothing as it hit the tongue to give it that taste of satisfaction.

What a great Sequin Ice Cream T-Shirt do so. This cotton-T is true to size. I am wearing a size 3XL. The vibrant color sequence and glitter ice cream cone is well lit and magnifies fun. This is a simply graphic-T that can be worn on a casual day. Summer is here and what a light simple, but fun graphic-t to have for the summer days to come.

If you’re looking for simple fun graphic-T! When purchasing thiS T-shirt you can use enJOYCurves20%  off based on original price and valid for any orders $59 or more. Happy shopping and look forward to you sharing your beautiful pieces!












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