Can I just say big girl chronicles are real! Many years now, as the summer comes in thighs become more touchable and irritating then ever. I have tried many things to keep the chaffing down and or thighs from rubbing together… for example, powder, Vaseline, and/or oil THEY DO NOT WORK! They may give temporality relief, but not long lasting relief I need. This has been my story for a long, long time!


I was planning trip to PowerPlus Weekend in North Caroline. My good friends Tiffany, Ashley, and I all road down together. Like typical bloggers we all discussed what we are going to wear. I complain how I left my Vaseline and the dresses I was wearing may cause my thighs to chaff. I was disgruntled because I know the pain I would get would cause me to feel disgusted within. The thigh rubbing is not fun and nor cute. I would have sores between my thighs if I didn’t try to apply something. I know I could have gone to the store to purchase certain items, but time wasn’t our friend once we reached into North Carolina.


Later that night my thoughts ran ramped onto my thighs with knowing there may be some irritation. I sat majority of the time during Friday’s mixer. Ashley asked what is wrong, I just kindly said, “nothing.” She had a weird look on here face knowing this isn’t Joy’s attitude. I moved around, but the irritation of my thigh rubbing was starting. I needed to get something because this can’t be my entire weekend.

Later that night, Ashley wasn’t convincing with the way I acted all night long. “Joy, why didn’t you mingle?” Of course I lied, “I was a little tired from the ride…” Again, she was a little disturbed. Tiffany asked, “do you need anything?” I did, but it was extremely late and stores are close now. I just said, “No.”

The next morning, we were getting dress, we were talking and I notice theses bandelettes on Ashley’s bed. I asked what are those, pointing to a few packages of bandelettes. She kindly explained what they were. She explained how she wears them daily. I asked, “Do you mind if I wear one of them?” without hesitation she gave me one. I put on the lace, black pair. I felt a little wired to have something around my thighs, but anything at this moment will help.

We all went down to breakfast; we mingled, walked around and shopped all day. Not once did my thighs irritated me. This was the best thing I could have had.

Now its been month since wearing the bandelettes and they have been my life savior. You can head over to Ashley’s Bandelettes and read how you can get a pair and stop chaffing and live life!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photos: Kevin 












Hope this post helps many to start living and not allow chaffing to hold you down.! This dress can purchased at Ross. Shoes are from Payless.

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