Yes, Jeans!

Oh…spring breeze! Well, today in the nation’s Capitol the spring breeze was much cooler than normal and required a jacket of some sort. I love the cold air and was very excited that mother nature decided to bring on an extra breeze along the way.

I wanted to keep it simply today, for I had a few things to complete and still wanted the curves to make a statement. When looking through my closet I spotted my long maxi, blue, stripe skirt that was screaming me, “wear me, wear me!” I paired my maxi skirt with a white camisole and my comfortable jean jacket. The weather was very cool and my jean jacket still gave me that warmth and style that top the outfit to precession. I added a touch of yellow, just to spark the interest of eyes, for it gave it a different glare of a sporty look and style.



Thank you for stopping by and as ALWAYS enJOY your Curves…Fashionably!
Jeans jacket: Consignment Shop
Maxi Skirt: Wal-mart 
Sandals: Rainbow Fashion
Jewelry: Ashley Stewart 

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