Hello Sun!

Helloooooo Hump Day! Today, am feeling extra special because the sun is out and almost any outfit you put on will glow with a CURVY excitement! I decided to wear this light, feel capri jeans because when wearing capris you can dress them up or play them down and they still will look nice if put correctly. This is one my favorite capri jeans, for they fit so great on and around my thighs and keep the curves looking fashionably! Am wearing this beautiful silk, soft blouse that pops in the rays of sunlight. The blouse is very soft and twinkle in the sunlight that grab the attention of all eyes to gaze and stare. The chrome looking sandals finish the look with style and comfort.

The sun blockers is a must to wear. I am a sunglasses kind of a girl who loves the styles and designs of the frames, so please don’t be alarming when you see me wearing shades. HAPPY LOOKING!



Thank you for stopping by and as ALWAYS enJOY your Curves…Fashionably!
Blouse: Ashley Stewart
Jeans capri: Ashley Stewart
Sandals: K-Mart
Jewelry: Ashley Stewart 

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