Curvy Work Wear

I love looking and feeling great when going into work without the hassle of shrugging clothes, pulling clothes around and/or constantly maintaining the clothes into it’s proper place. I love wearing skirts and dresses, but this hot pink skirt from Burlington Coat factory is very comfortable and falls right above my knee when I sit down. I don’t have to pull or shrug, it stays in place when sitting. I paired it with a zebra print tank silk top from Wal-mart at a very low cost that will enhance the look, but not be overbearing. I adore the top because I get very hot at times and when I am in my groove at work, the top keeps me cool without having to fan myself constantly. I kept the jewelry and heels in the same color scheme. Next time when you want to look fashionable at work, head over to Burlington Coat Factory for your curvy work wear and you won’t be disappointed!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable!

A BIG THANKS to Michelle Miller  Photography 

Skirt: Burlington Coat Factory Top: Wal-Mart Necklace: Ashley Stewart





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