Let the fire works out! It is time to look good for the Fourth! It is time to make a BANG!

Ladies, when you step on the yard of that barbecue or that family picnic let the outfit you wear make all the noise and sound that you’re here to have a great time. People of all ages would want to know where you got your holiday outfit from and how they can look as good as you!

Ladies, go to Ashley Stewart now! This black dress looks like a bodycon, but It’s stretchy material allows you to move freely and still give you the curves and shape that make the body pop and bang! Am wearing a size 18 dress and it comes a few inches above my knee, fitting perfectly. The dress has a striking art design expressing our Independence color that covers the bust area. Yes, ladies you would be able to move and groove with no problem!

I chose not to wear a necklace because I wanted the focus to be on the design of the dress, for it is the holiday and wearing this dress will make an everlasting Fourth of July to come. Happy Looking!

IMG_3422IMG_3436 IMG_3434 IMG_3437IMG_3450 IMG_3451

Thank you for stopping by and as ALWAYS enJOY your Curves…Fashionably!


Strechcty Black Dress: Ashley Sewart 

Heels: TJMaxx 

Purse: Consignment Shop

Jewelry: Ashley Stewart/ Rainbow Fashion 

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