My Fit Journey

I have been on my “Fit Journey” since May 11, 2020. I have been on it, but not with much consistency. I have tried many things and nothing really worked, but self-motivation. I know I wanted to be healthier, but I would fine all sorts of excuses. I knew if I didn’t change for Joy, no one will!

I had to get myself to a place of self-motivation if I wanted to see a change. I did three things. I just got out of bed, I just walked around my neighborhood, and always cheering myself on. Easy, right! Wrong! This is all combine in consistency and much prayer.

For all who knows me, knows I am a morning person. I am up, but not out of the bed. That is where my issues lies. I did not want to get out of bed. I tossed and turned, tossed and turned, until I rolled out of bed. I had to find something that was worth pushing…myself! My health! I knew if I didn’t get out of bed eventually it will catch up with me. I knew if I did not correct this lack of motivation, I knew I would not be any use in my later days.

I know I am poor at exercise. A friend told me. “…all you have to do is walk…” I adhere to advice and just walk. Now, I walk places I drive. I find it to be interesting when exploring places on feet. It has been mind blowing.

Along this “Fit Journey” you have to encourage yourself constantly because you do not want to find yourself back at the starting line. I utilized my heart-monitoring app on my phone and record myself daily. I cheer myself along the walk. I listen to gospel and motivation music to keep my mind focus. Really, it is mind over matter.

It is now entering into my fourth week and I must say I am loving this “Fit Journey.” I find myself wanting to conquer the day before. I find myself wanting to increase, but with a consistent beat. I am on this new lifestyle to be a better me!




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