My Sheertex

I am a stocking girl! I love wearing all types of printed stocking. Stockings add volumes to my legs. I love seeing my legs look powerful when walking in stockings. Stockings are a woman’s best friend


Now, I must admit not many companies can make stockings that are strong and vibrant for plus women. After one wear my stockings tend to rip after my thighs rubbing together. Easily snag and rip without cautious or just lose its strength after multiple use.


I am here to share a stocking company that work against that. The stocking I am wearing is  Sheertex . Like before I am a fan of gorgeous stocking, but wanting a pair that won’t rip. I am wearing a T-2XL. Immediately when putting on these stockings the strength is great. You don’t feel like your toe will plunge right through the stockings. It glides up my thighs easily. It even has much support over my tummy. It’s thick, but not to where it makes you hot. It smoothes easily across my thighs. The best thing I love about the stockings it doesn’t roll down. After walking in my stockings for hours it never rolled once, it didn’t roll or compile at my feet, and gave my thighs strength.

the great news you can get these stockings as well! If you like these stockings you’re more than welcome to use code ENJOY10 for 10 dollars off for your first purchase. Can’t wait to see what you get!

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