My Knack Bag: All in One

Like myself and other educators the summer fun has come to an end and go back to work from a long excursion of rest! It is the time where we have our book bag, lunch bag, purse, and personal bag and who wants to lugged all these bags around. Well, I have partnered with Knack Bags to show how durable a bag can help lessen the load for a busy teacher like myself.

Ever just wanting a bag that will encompass all your needs in one bag, Knackbag is that bag! Well, if many don’t know already I am a woman with many hats! When traveling for an overnight trip I need a bag like Knack Pack that keep me grounded and ready to go without the hustle and bustle of lugging a large carry-on or several bags. A little about my Knackpack and how durable it is to house all my personal needs.

The Bag: The bag durability is very strong and sturdy. When carrying the bag you can either carry the back with one or two straps on your back or hold at leg length from the top. The bag has so many compartments for when traveling, heading to a meeting, or just needing to carry bag with multiple items. In the interior is a very bright organge and soft for items that will need cushion for it won’t crack.


The Compartments: The bag has so many compartments that will house so many items that one may need for when going to different events. Along side the bag you can put a water bottle that will not squeeze and has much cushion to keep it from crushing and keep the water cool. On the bottom of the bag you’re able to put your glasses, pens, or any small miscellaneous items. In the middle of the bag you will be able put your laptop that fits like a perfect glove! the laptop will rest nicely against your back without shifting or moving to cause damage. The front of the bag has multiple compartments that are can carry your keys, phone, and lose changes.




Carry-On: The bag actually acts as a carry-on. You are able to put clothing for at least a two-night stay. The bag can carry your laptop and your daily essentials without having to carry an extra bag. Having a bag like Knackbag is perfect. This bag can holds many of my teacher items even when I am not on travels. Where I put my clothes I can put my teacher books instead of having multiple bags. I can also add my lunch bag without being crush.

Looking for an awesome bag that can do it all, head over to Knackbag where one bag can handle all your needs when on the go!








Sponsored post: All opinions are my own.

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