Floral Beauty

This heat is not my friend, neither is it yours! I am always needing an outfit the well fit and stylish to beat this heat! I’ve selected this Plus Botanical Print Off Shoulder Dress for its light weight, A-line cut, and well to do print!

This dress is a prefect look for an outing! The best things about this dress is of the shoulders look. The off look give the dress a sophisticated look. The print is perfect match! The boldness of the print illuminates well off the dark navy blue dress! Looking for cool dresses this is the place to go.

Summer is here another few weeks and while it being here enjoy being cool fashionable! If you’re looking for simply, stress less, and cute dress this it! When purchasing this beauty you can search code 712491 to get 15% off when you use enJOYCurvesQ2 off based on original price and valid for any orders $59 or more. Happy shopping and look forward to you sharing your beautiful pieces. enJOY


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