Making Strides

I get asked so many times how I am able to stay on my stride. There are three simple tools to my journey. My three tools are staying focus, stayed pray up, and stay consistent.

I know one may say, “That’s it?” Yes, that is it. In mastering these tools you will need to fight against all odds. You must be able to fight yourself in completing a task. You have to start with one and gradually move towards the next. Nothing is done over night.





Staying focus! When building your brand you have to stay focus on you! Many people and things will diminish your focus. Without those obstacles you won’t be able to fight against all odds that has or will come against you. You’re going to see so many people doing what you’re doing, but that should never stop you in order to obtaining your goal.

I practice this by focusing on me. I set a goal daily, weekly, and monthly to achieve, because I want to see myself move from one area to the next. I need to see growth. Sometimes in see that growth I need to keep all “inner me” focus on what I have at hand. Example, presenting a small task that will develop into a larger task. Doing something small that works towards the cause. Giving your self a chance to see the something move within you. Overall staying focus and not losing your sight on your goals.

Stayed Pray Up! Now we know many things in our life will get the best of us! I pray daily because it is apart of me. Does it work? YES! I pray because it is my way of allowing God to know I need help. I need to know the short way of doing many things and done correctly. Too many times I put out myself in the way because I haven’t allowed God to be the driving force. I pray because I feel the assurance of God taking charge and handling many of wrongs before they become a reality disaster. I know many do not pray, but this what helps me to see my fruit of my labor comes to fruition. No, it’s not always for tangible things, but for mental health, how to deplug from the world, and staying sane




Staying Consistent! WHAT? That ‘s impossible! Yes, it is impossible, but it is only impossible if you allow the impossible to be a block in your future goals! I am more than consistent. Do I lack sometimes, yes, but I push through because I know someone is watching, I am praying for a break thru, and there I’ve hit the jackpot. I fine a time of day to submit, answer email, and work diligently to see my goals and prayer work simultaneously. Over all have fun! This is your passion; why not enjoy it along the journey!

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#Sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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