Bringing Joy to the World of Fashion

Bringing Joy to the World of Curvy Fashion


Bringing Joy to the World of Curvy Fashion

True fashionistas come in all shapes and sizes. Today’s featured fashion and lifestyle blogger, Joy, is living her best life in the most stylish way possible! She’s made a name for herself in the industry and has participated in numerous fashion shows and modeling campaigns, and her success is showing no signs of stopping anytime soon!

Joy is a plus-size model and social media influencer who launched her blog, Joy of Curves four years ago. She celebrated this anniversary in a leopard print jumpsuit, but her primary go-to styles consist usually of bright, bold prints and colors. And don’t forget plenty of long, flowing dresses for warmer weather!

We definitely recommend checking out her blog for fun (not to mention useful!) lifestyle and fashion advice, but we also encourage you to take a look at her specific outfits on her instagram page, @enjoyteaching. It’s like a rainbow runway of outfits! Want a preview? Check out some of Joy’s best looks below.


Tropical Print Blazer with Black Dress and Green Jewelry

Joy is absolutely slaying in this look here! She looks ready for anything, and above all we love the sheer– dare we say it, joy– coming from her smile! That said, we also really love the clothes involved in this look. You can mix up the colors here and the jewelry to make this look your own, but we definitely suggest making the blazer the boldest piece of all.

The tropical print blazer is the main eye-catcher, and the black dress below it definitely allows this piece to pop out (the coordinating black cuffs on the blazer are an added bonus). Joy accessorizes this look perfectly with a bold green statement necklace and green bracelet. She finishes it off stunningly with the unexpected addition of gold pumps on her feet. In other words, this look slays!


Pleated Maxi Skirt with Red Top and Red Shoes

This fun, free flowing outfit is one we’ll definitely be swiping for summer days around town or heading to that nice new restaurant. The long, blue pleated skirt is the main attraction here, especially when Joy has it flared out like in the photo. It’s in dark Navy blue, but she makes it really pop with that bright red sleeveless, strapless top and matching red high heels! She finishes the look off with a simple bracelet and a smile!

To make this look your own, go with colors that speak to you. However, try to select hues that will both complement and contrast each other in order to make this outfit really pop. If sleeveless, strapless tops aren’t your thing, we also see this look working well with a tank or cap-sleeved tee.


Orange Checkered Pants with Black Top and Black Heels

We chose this look because it’s a departure from a lot of Joy’s bright, bold colors, but notice how much it still pops! The high-waisted pants are very trendy, and at a glance they appear to be solid orange. Look closely though, and you’ll see that they actually have a tight orange checkered design. By contrasting these pants with a black long-sleeved top and black heels, Joy makes the entire outfit a showstopper.

This is a great look for cooler seasons, and we also see a pair of black boots working well here. If you want to include jewelry, it’s best to go for simple silver or gold pieces here.

Thank you so much Marisa for writing this article and glad I can share this writing with family and friends! Hope you all enjoyed this piece, for I did!


Written by: Marisa Kripalani

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