Plus Swimsuits Under $25

Swimsuits are the most essential fashion for the summer and needs not to cost too much. I have been lucky to found a few plus swimsuits that are fun, attractive, and cost effective.229DE516-B93E-4EBD-A341-CCE87CFAA9BC

Yes, I am very excited to say there are many more swimsuits that cater to our sizes, but the substantial amount is what holds many of us back in wanting to purchase more looks. Well, I am glad I have found three online and in-store places that will make us look fashionable and save on out pockets.

This dual swimwear is from Walmart. The top and both are sold separately, but are substantial under $25. You can mix and match the pair. I bought them from Walmart. If you are large chested like myself, you’ll be very please for the cup is perfect for my 42H bra cup. The cups give the bust that extra push. The width of the top is very supportive on the back. The style and the vibrant color are amazing. B256E053-D717-4C03-B6DF-16511790762B

The great thing about wearing a two-piece you can mix and match the two. I kept the top and change into a solid teal bottom. The high-waist bottoms are very secure. The material almost feels like a scuba material. It does have a much thickness to it.










This two piece is a tankini. This is a great wear and look from Walmart. This tankini is perfect for any women who do not want to show much, but still wanting that look. Again, this look mix and match of choice. The two-piece are on the bottom are from Shein. You will have to play with the sizing. Especially if you are large chested. Shein has greta looks and styles that you can buy both pieces for under $25.

You can shop at Walmart, Kmart, and Shein for greta looks for a low cost. Happy SUMMER!





I know it is hard for some women to wear two-pieces, but do not worry for this whole swimsuit still adds tat flare of fun and excitement to one who wants to look fabulous. These two looks are from Kmart. They are both one piece swimsuits and look marvelous.


















These is not a sponsored look just sharing some cost efficient swimsuit looks for plus women. I got my looks in-store and some may cost more online. There are no links for this post due to this is not a sponsored post!

Stores: Shein, Walmart, and Kmart.


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