Satin Floral

Dazzling, spinning, dancing, and pouncing 3EA11457-B665-490F-8B8D-AC83E2FEE1D4what I will be doing in this beautiful Plus Floral Pink Dress that is a perfect shine for Easter.

8AC806AA-2A47-4B78-BDC4-C76E2ECFB4CDThis dress is the ultimate comfortable dress. The dress has a flare neck top and bell arms with miniature bowties at the arm. The top of the dress is cotton while at the bottom the skirt is satin. This is what they call play on fabric. It looks like a two-piece but really it is a dress. The satin really gives the dress life and that girly girl look.5B5CFB8A-BB54-4DA0-AFB7-63018CFC51E4

This perfect spring dress is perfect for the Easter holiday!  If you’re looking for simply, stress less, and cute flowy dress this is it! Remember this dress is a showstopper! When purchasing this bowl of floral dress of goodness you can search code 677448 to shsale120 15% off when you use enJOYCurvesQ2 off based on original price and valid for any orders $59 or more. Hurry you can use this until April 14! Happy shopping and look forward to you sharing your beautiful pieces. enJOY!












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