COC Year Three Social

Lights, action, camera…! Crusade of Curves was a movement for 2019! This event was surely an event stopper.

Traveling: Zoom, zoom and I’m off down interstate 95 into Raleigh/Durham North Carolina with a one-way ticket to Crusade of Curves. My traveling was awesome. I left early Friday morning, due to weather conditions and wanting to make sure I get there on time without any hiccups. To know me is to know I love COFFEE! I pulled over to my favorite stop…yes, McDonalds to get my medium size coffee with five creams and five splendas…don’t judge me. It is my alcohol.

Now I am heading down I-95 with a breeze and soon to find myself deep down in the south where the interstate is greatly use. Many cars, but non-compare to the North…shhh! Before heading to the hotel I make a quick stop and pick up Tiffany from the Raleigh/Durham airport. Off to the hotel, unpack, and get dress for a full-fill night of fun and networking.

The fashionable outfit I chose to wear was a ruby red heels with leopard jeggings to match a beautiful graphic-t. I will wear a shirt that says, “Babe and Boozy” knowing I do not drink! Funny!

Eventful Friday: With the excitement to see so many great people it was in the building! Upon entering, Mallory was at the door with great hospitality, being an awesome host, and greeted us in with open arms of love. We later walked inside the venue (name of venue) to see so many vendors of great choice were astonishing. There were so many, intrigue jewelry that were colorful and beautiful by The FaShaenista Files. Across from their table were essential candles by Heaven Scent Aromatics that smell so cool and free. They are all organic base and can be use to soften your hands when need so, of course while the candle is watery. There were many boutique owners who had some great pieces. The night of course was the delicious treats my soul and heart long for! The taste sent my taste buds gliding. I know I shouldn’t have eaten so many, but heck you only love once!

The Panel of Discussion: The conversation amongst the panelist and attendees was amazing. First up the “Curves Rock in Motion!” The panelist came with a wealth of knowledge to share and pour to all who came to hear and wanting to know. They gave pointers that can really help one succeed in their industry. There was no holding back. Some key points I took away are, believe me there were many more gems to crab:

  • Paying Attention to details: (the lady from marketing indisrty). When you are giving an assignment take heed and follow through. You must read each direction giving very carefully when submitting. Not following through can cause you a check.
  • Choosing a Photographer: According to Rick you will need to make sure having the right photographer can offer what you want. I agree, because you can’t shop at Wal-Mart for everything, so you have to shop else where to get your money and pictures worth.
  • Beat Face vs. Natural Face: It is ok to have a natural face. Natural face lets people now who you are and what is your true face. A beat face should be use when showcasing an event. Yes, there are so many avenues when displaying the two, but you have to make a sound judgment.
  • Favors vs. Contracts: We all know when starting out we want it all and we will do it no matter what, BUT…it has to come where favors are now “money.” You must know your self-worth and when to charge, so you are not working in vain. Just because you’re starting off doesn’t mean you have to do it for free.
  • Blogger vs. Model: They both can interact with one another, but know how to diffuse between the two.

In between the panelist people were able to mix and mingle and shop! The men conversation was breaking down norms and how to present yourself a as big and tall man. The men were in the place asking and answering questions that was very fulfilling for all men to know.

Later we heard from Queen size magazine Editor Tawana B. who gave so many pointers on how to get published, the do’s and don’ts of how to present yourself to a magazine. When submitting submissions or pictures place them in a drop box or app that will not destroy any pixels within the pictures. Later our wonderful hearing heard from Mimi- Network Your Curves Off in how to network within a large or small room to make your present known.

See you tomorrow: I had a great time hanging out, for my time clock was ticking and saying it is time for bed.

Yes, you missed an awesome and glorious time to be in the building amongst bloggers, models, entrepreneurs, editors, and much, much more. I am very delighted that I was able to feast on so much knowledge not to help me, but to share to others and help many, many more. So Charlotte here we come!



































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