My Sunflower

I am just a bowl of “sunflower!” This Plus Polka Dot Dress has really got me feeling into spring. This dress is a full of life especially when attending the beach, a picnic, or just hanging out on a cool day. It is very light and requires less attention.




The polka dot is a great pattern for the season. It can be worn witha jean jacket to give that country field. I’ll be wearing this dress more on vacation this coming summer. The details on the arms are a perfect touch of flare. The length comes right about my ankle. Let me make a disclaimer: if you are big chested like myself you will need to size up. The flow of the dress is perfect, but if no you will have two flat pancakes sitting in font of you.

This perfect spring dress is perefect for the meadowns and greean grass!  If you’re looking for simply, stress less, and cute flowy dress this is it! Remember this dress is a showstopper! When purchasing this yellow of sunshine dress of goodness you can search code 578462 to shsale120 15% off when you use enJOYCURVES off based on original price and valid for any orders $59 or more. Hurry you can use this until April 14! Happy shopping and look forward to you sharing your beautiful pieces. enJOY!








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