The Love of Colors

First, let me say I am a woman of colors. Life is too boring without it, well at least I know. I am so happy to be partnering with We Love Colors. It is truly a JOY TO partner with a brand whose business is to see others laugh and enjoy life through colors.

dsc_0946We Love Colors is a family owned business whose been operating for over 16 years right in the United States! They are located right in the Sunshine State Miami, Florida. It is no wonder why their mission is to spread JOY through every item that they make. They put their customers first no matter what size they are.

Their site offers so many colors from the rainbow. I had a hard time choosing from wide ranges of all sizes, style, looks, and of course colors. During the cool, wintery days they offer opaque stockings that thick and comfortable come in all of colors know to man. They have a cute and illustrious stocking socks that fit for any fashion of choice. Also, tie-dye prints that are so colorful and cute!

dsc_0900I had the opportunity to wear the Plus Size Nylon Lycra Stockings. First, let me explain the color is so rich it really gives the legs definition and stands out. The material of the stockings is very durable. The thickness of the stockings meshes well against the wintertime. The JOY of the stocking is that it doesn’t lose it stretch. As a plus-size woman many stockings you put on starts to lose their color and diminishes as you pull further onto your leg, but with We Love Color it contains that rich, bright color all the way through. There are so much opaque. They have a firm fit around the abdominal area. There is much sliding I have experience with both of the stockings.

The stockings are wearable during all season. You can select from all colors, styles, and trends. The price is note-worthy too. If you ever looking for great stockings, socks, tie-dye and more We Love Colors is your one stop shop. It offers a wide-range of sizes. No excuses! They have it all for everyone and sizes!




















Sponsored post and all opinions are my own!


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