My Passion With Loft

Who would have thought, me blogging? No, one right! Yes, me never! Lol! I’ve always had the love for fashion! Love mixing and matching, patterns and prints, bright and dull colors, and many more fashionable clothes and items that one may not think of!

Blogging has opened so many doors! I’ve had the opportunity to work with many brands, walk in fashion shows for big brands, and able to build strong connections. This world of blogging is not for the faint and weary! Blogging is truly a passion! If it’s truly your passion, your drive, tenacity, will put you in places you’ll never thought you’ll be!! 

Since blogging I try to keep my style simple with hint of wow factor when I have to go to meetings or meet and greet! This style is simple, but it plays well onto the journey of a business women! I am now beginning to see myself entering into entrepreneurship. I chose this @loft outfit because it plays well when I am traveling to meeting to meeting. From the neck up you have a V-neck, button down, charcoal cardigan, with a removal scarf which can be use as a head wrap for those treacherous weather. I added a white tank if I choose to open my cardigan if body temperature gets warmer than usual. 

There jeans are so comfortable! The jeans gives you a silhouette look, but not that tight and hugging feel of so many others! 

The whole ensemble works well when you’re on the go and need to be from one meeting or event. I still want to be fashionable, but comfort will always come first! 

I am a heel person! I added this fashionable “Mary Jane” shoes for fun and that wow factor!

Let your passion drive you right to the meeting table for bigger and better things! Live life fashionable!  



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