Ahhh Massage…Envy

This is awesome and relax massage venue! Please note this is a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

Ever just wanted time to yourself! Just want time to sit back and relax! Wonder will relaxation come upon you. Well, these questions and more can be answered and satified with the help of Massage Envy

Massage evny is a place where relaxation meets tired! It’s a place where you can be relaxed and feel at ease. Massage Envy a world wide of relaxation to meet your monthly needs! They offer massages, facials, skin care, specialty facials, and adavanced skin care treatment. It is a great place within the area to go and get a pick me up or just to have that long moment to one’s self.

I had the opportunity and partnering with Massage Envy on to have the Stretch Method.  I went on a Friday evening. What a perfect day! My opinion! Because you’ve been at work all day and the weekend is there to catch the goodness your body is about to receive. 

I walked into the Massage Envy and the mega hello I got from the receptionists was so great! Immediately they put you into a great place. Their mood is so bright and vibrant you’ll have no choice but to feel good from within.

There was no waiting time. They immediately sent me the back to their cozy waiting room. I had to fill out the release forms since it was my first time.  While in the waiting room you are serve warm tea of choice and/or water. Upon completion of the form you’re massage person comes and get you. I walked down the quiet, serene hallway to my room. You can just feel relaxation before entering. 

Now, I am inside the room. I had to remove my shoes, get onto the table. While doing all that Victoria who was giving me more insight on why the Stretch Method is so important to one’s daily life.  She was informing all of the benefits of  Masssage Envy had to offer and some awesome products that will help at home to.

First, she massage my back. She had to get the kinks out. Then she proceeded with leg stretches and inner thigh stretches, but keep in mind this Stretch Method is to help with with the mobility and ateess release. This Stretch Method is to help stretch your body. To get your body from being stagnet, but help it move daily.

My session was a great hour. The session was perfect. Yes, I received my information like I need to workout more to help with stretching my body. Get out and work out!  Seems simple, but many people don’t and working out can cause preventable things in the future. Try Massage Envy today!

If you try Massage Envy you’re able to receive 30 to 60 minutes total body stretch sessions that will help you in the long run. Surely, I’ll be back next month and for a facial!

Happy Massage!



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