Last Minute With Loft

I am here again to share how my LOFT fashion has me all ready for my last minute shopping for family and friends. Yes, this is a sponsored post, but you know all opinions are my own. Happy Reading!

AHHHHHH! Is what I am screaming as I make my way to finish my last minute shopping. Shopping for my family and friends has been a little different since people choices and desires changes so quickly and I just can’t keep up, but as always it is easy to know I can shop with ease and still be fashionable.


In my pervious post I was traveling and on a go and I am glad that I’ve made it safe and sound. I am in the sunshine state to say the least, but it is still a little nippy. Many would think not to think about sweaters, but us “Floridians” come prepare because once that sun diminishes it feels like the North Pole! I am glad I came prepare for the seen and the unexpected.


With so many choices that Loft Plus has I decided to wear this Stitched Sleeve Sweater that is very warm and alluring. The sweater’s arms are very open stitched allowing air to squeeze in if feels that you’re getting so over whelmed with shopping will allow you to cool down. The arms are loose allowing the sweater not to stick to you when moving at high pace.


I paired with it Loft Leopard Jacquard Pocket Skirt  that comes right above my knee. I know one my say its not appropriate for the season, but you can wear tights to keep your legs warm. The skirt is a loose around the thighs allowing the legs to move without so much constriction. The bottom of the skirt has a hint flare. Since it was a brisk day, I chose not to wear one. Sometimes a little kiss from Mother Nature doesn’t hurt.


These two items paired well because of the contrast in color and pattern play. I love how the detail in the arms of the sweater and the leopard print still offer that stylish and fashionable look while shopping freely.

I added a fur vest just give it more of a versatile look. It is always good to play around with your clothes because you never know how you spark a new fashion and trend!

Just to say I got a lot of compliments when wearing my outfit, but this last minute shopping “thing” is not my favorite thing. When you wait to the last minute this is what happens! Next year I’ll start January 1!






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