Glamory Hosiery

I am a big fan of any hosiery! When asked to tried these hosiery I was ecstatic. Glowing with so much joy! Well, I couldn’t wait to wear the hosiery. I had the opportunity to look on their website and the designs and looks will make any curvy women wanting them all.1A8E3A7C-464C-4D29-839B-84B4517FAC41

When I was asked on a date I knew my Glamory Hosiery will accompany me and get the test of time.

First, putting on the stocking was easy, meaning they just glide on when putting on if you get the right size. I am wearing their black thigh high hosiery. Now, being a plus women I am not a fan of thigh-high because my thighs rub causing many pairs to rub together and eventually fall making it a fuss. Getting a thigh-high was a little skeptical.

I chose a size 2XL. Once on my upper thighs the grip immediately grab my thigh and felt strong to where it was going to hold nicely. The ease to pull up on my thigh was amazing. The inside of the hosiery immediately grabs your thigh and holds with confront and assuring.2930FEB9-940E-4231-8C19-75962C7E47A8

They were easy to walk in. The detail On the upper thigh made me feel if I was going to do the cha-cha. I love it. You felt powerful and comfort right away. The great thing the hosiery never fell and the top held very well. My date was please and how they made my legs look strong and cute. He couldn’t stop looking at my legs and give countful compliments. 

Yes, I’ll surely have these hosiery in rotation. The good thing about having a style like this you’re able to wear it without pulling and adjusting so much if needed to use the lavatory. You can dress them up or go corporate and still have that sexy feel. 

I truly will recommend Glamory. Head to their IG-Glamory.










Sponsored post. All opinions are all my own!

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