Modcloth: One Top Three Ways

Prints and patterns are a girl’s best friend. These Modcloth fashion is giving me life! I love it when I can just mix and play around with patterns. Plus, it’s an easy way to stay fashionable without the hustle of going over the top. Who always wants to buy a new wardrobe when you can mix and match clothes and still look fly while still marinating a healthy budget.

C094BCFC-4DF8-4CC7-9393-49367A0B6D29I had the privilege of mixing and matching this  Sunny Spirit Button-Up Top with three fall-like bottoms. The double button top is cotton. The sleeves are quarter-length long and are very versatile for all seasons. This top can be use many times.

I pair the top with this cotton feel plaid skirt. This Particularly Poised A-Line Skirt  is a perfect length for any women of hight. I am 5’7 and the skirt comes right below my knee. The skirt is very soft. The tri-color prints are very warm and will be perfect for fall and winter season. The skirt provides a simple flow and a cute vintage look. This skirt is perfect for any outing. I will surely wear this whole outfit too many occasions to come.E2BC1430-337E-4911-A3DB-6B3DAF4096D0

I live for a swing overall skirt. This Overall Winner Jumper is truly a vintage look. I paired it with top to show the contrast in the skirt. The skirt colors are very earth tone and adding that fun that look keeps it looking whimsical and dainty all wrap into one.\


Last the funky look! I added a pair of Karaoke Seamstress Zipped Skinny Jeans in Dark Wash for my girls who like to wear jeans for that simply and casual look. Jeans are jeans, but the top I gave a flare and fun look. I tied the front, I tucked half of the shirt inside, or just allow the top to flow. No matter how you wear the top you’ll still be giving off that funky fall look.

Be daring and fun with your prints! Never allow yourself to live inside the “fashion box!” Happy Fall look and hope to see your Modcloth look soon!


















Sponsored post: opinions are my own!


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