Spotted Top

Ever wore a top that isn’t the right look! Well, I think I found my match! This Plus Print Mix Tunic Top will be in repeat! When choosing this top I saw the inspiration in wanting to style, but when I tried it on it style it self.

0A860F1A-A742-4EAA-931E-F165BD4DF38DI wore the top with an ebony charcoal pencil skirt because with a solid bottom the top can stand out more. I like the bottom of top on how it flares out. Yes, the top comes big, but you can add a belt to make the bottom of the top a peplum top. The colors in the top are bold and very vibrant. You can add any color bottom or print and the style will still look fashionable! The top speaks for itself! The patterns are great an eye-catcher. I switch the top with a pair of stressed jeans just to be spunky!


No matter what you wear with the top, it is a bold statement and conversations starter! So lets get talking and shopping!

Lets get this fall fashion going and change the color and pattern status! In needing of a great top, well look no more! When purchasing this top you can use enJOYCurves20off based on original price and valid for any orders $59 or more. Happy shopping and look forward to you sharing your beautiful pieces!










When great minds think alike! We had no idea we were purchasing the same top! LOL!




Sponsored post! All opinions are my own!

2 thoughts on “Spotted Top

  1. OMG JOY!!!!! Girl I saw you in a picture on a clothing website and I was like I know her😳. I am so proud of you it looks like you are doing AMAZING things. I hope we can connect and talk and catch up soon.


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