PlussizemePlz Swim Soriee’

Many have tried and many fail, BUT Catherine Ashly has been the epitome of entrepreneur, supportive, building, innovative, and a blessing not only to her surrounding community, but also around the nation and beyond.7846E34F-98B5-43F6-B331-71EFE5BA562C

Saturday, August 3, 2018 I had the opportunity to for the THIRD TIME  to attend the Plussizemeplz Swim Soirée, which was an epic event. Wouldn’t miss it for the world!


Let’s take a moment to view this beautiful Plus Leaf Bikini Set  that its royal blue is very vibrant and speaks fun! The one thing that I cling to it’s color and it’s boldness. Out with dull and in with bright and shiny two-piece.




This beautiful swimsuit did me justice. This Plus Geometric Swimsuit one piece  is design well. The abstract african print details capture so many attention.  It is great support and doesn’t feel too heavy when wearing.I am wearing a size 4XL. I know we all may not want to show all, but a nice cover up will be nice!!  Looking for an expensive swimsuit to combat this heat well head over to Shein

If you’re looking for some awesome, versatiles  swimsuits for the summer, well this ready well this swimsuits are it! When purchasing this dress you can use enJOYCurves20%  off based on original price and valid for any orders $59 or more. Happy shopping and look forward to you sharing your beautiful piece.


The Trip:

Early Saturday morning was like any other Saturday morning. Clean, prepare the house, and do the daily needs that needed to be done. Externally, I was screaming with JOY to be able to attend and see so many great and fabulous people.

Now, time was getting the best of me. I packed my items that were needed for the event, prepare myself for the a two-hour and half ride to Philadelphia, and yes, get my “morning JOY!” COFFEE!

Now we (Ms. Carla and Mrs. Cynthia) are on the road to something great. While, driving Ms. Carla and Ms. Cynthia both asking me about the event. I felt like a reporter. The more I try to work and finish the more they ask questions. BUT! I was excited to answer because to be there when it all develops was the most exciting things ever and that brought me more JOY!

We arrived early and had lunch within the casino across from the venue. It was great to get there early and just take in another city’s event and view. Which I recommend because getting there and jumping into action may not always is the great thing, if you’re riding from a distance, but if you can handle it do so.












The Beginning:

Now we’re going through security and can you believe she (the security guard) wanted to take my brush…ughh! My naps would have had a field day around the edges of my head. She didn’t take it! Swoosh!

As you’re walking you get checked in. Upon completion you’ll enter left or down. Down I know…lol! Yes, down! You’ll left to the step and repeat banner, take your photo and BAM the party has started…down…and all over!

Even this is my third time, every time I have gone I have felt something different! You can embrace the love, the positivity vibe, willingness to be free…NUDE…LOL! Serious, it was all zero judgment!




The Moment:

I arrived on time. Beginning on time isn’t bad thing when attending a party. We found a spot to put our things. We started taking pictures and slowly but surely the place was getting full. Friends I haven’t seen in person over a year were so good to see. We talked, laughed, dance, and had so much fun! We took more pictures to grab attention of an awesome event.

The women had on beautiful swimsuits that were to have. The color, the designs, and the styles were so unique and conform to their bodies very well. Of course men, had in their shorts and some with nice decorative duster to kill for.

The day pressed on so many people attend the event. Some people got into the pool. I wanted to get into the pool, but so much fun and fellowship was taking place I didn’t want to miss out. So no, I didn’t get in, maybe next time.

One of the best parts was the entertainment. During the event there were fashions shows of many unique and stylish designs. There was a twerking contest. Externally, I wanted to go in, but since I didn’t practice my “twerk” that would have been an epic failure. Later, the Battle of the Sexes took place. It was much fun watching guys really interact with the crowd, answering questions with dope answers, and having fun! In between the entertainment much, much, much dancing was going on.

I didn’t do much drinking, but I had the delicious wings and fries that satisfy my soul and kept my fuel running.


My ride or die Chicks will always be there. we’ve gone many trips and it has always been great time! Yes, I changed two times.




Overall, the event was memorable and one to return to. The MCs, Frankie and Monica, of the event kept the crowd pump, lit, and wired for the next move. They really kept the crowd wanting for more and more.

I couldn’t end this post with out mentioning the fabulous Catherine Ashly who has been a stepping-stone within the body positivity community for all to love themselves regardless of how you’re design. She really is an example of a movement, positivity, growth, and winnings! LOVE YOU DEARLY and unto greater and bigger things!

Sponsor post: swimsuits from Shein and my all opinions are my own. 






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