BIG FIG Mattress

The Beginning:

CB502FDC-065E-4E8E-BED1-F7C097F84EECI must say I struggle with letting great things go. For example, my mattress! My mattress is my “everything.” I love how it finally conformed to my body. I love how it cradles me to sleep. I love how it makes me feel welcome every single day. I just LOVEEEEEEE MYYYY Mattress! My mattress is my all and all. UNTIL!

When it was time to get a new mattress I was hesitant because that means I have to learn something all over again. I have to learn this new mattress and it has to learn me. I didn’t want to learn a new love, but all things rather good or bad has to come to an end. Indulging into something new is what I had to get my head around. I’ve been with this love for over three years and we had some great times together. Sad to say I don’t know my love ‘s name. We slept together, we ate together, we cried together, we thought together and it hold me like one has ever held me…BUT it was time for it to go. Still, never knew my love’s name!

The New Arrival:

AF6B0B96-7B5E-4AA1-A189-D848846EBFB5My new mattress was to come a few weeks prior to its due date, but I had to reschedule due to some attaching issues. I finally got over my feelings, buckle down and prep myself to get my new mattress. My new love, my new mattress name is BIG FIG Mattress!  It arrived with expedience. It was two guys who came during the rain and was very patience and in delivering. The whole transaction took about 20 minutes to scan the bedroom, set-up, put down the box spring, and finally… MY NEW LOVE! I automatically fell in LOVE! It was so surreal to see this beautiful, angelic, white, full-grown Queen size mattress in my bedroom. It felt like heaven deliver something so grand and beautiful it was impossible how man made this beautiful structure bed. I stood there for a while just starting like a mother to her newborn baby! I mean if someone could have caught my reaction it would have been priceless. I was over whelmed with excitement. Finally, I knew my new love’s name and I was its first love. “Two hearts join together not let man…,”you know! AYYYY with excitement and glee!

0C14696D-BB4A-4807-B8FE-956B1463547FMoments went by and I am still staring. Still staring, still staring with awe, glee, and lifetime of new fun and memories. I finally touched my new Big Fig Mattress, glide my hand around my “new Big Fig Mattress”, made cheekbones to mattress with “my new Big Fig Mattress” I am still at awe. I had to snap myself out of this goodness because I was going to be late to an event after spending 49 minutes with my love. Now I am thinking, “How can one fall out of love so easily and submerge themselves into love with something else…?” Oh me…I ditched that old mattress, quickly! It is forever me and my Big Fig Mattress.






The Time Spent:

Now it has been a week since I have had my new Big Fig Mattress! Man, Thank God I am a teacher on summer break because I immediately fell asleep and slept until my alarm clock starts and that has never happen in a long time.

The bed is soft. Its outer texture is comes with flowing ridges that align the top of the bed making it very delicate and welcoming to the body.

I have a Queen and it looks like a miniature King. I had my friends over to try it and they too felt the goodness zipping right through body. The Big Fig mattress beds are good for curvy woman like myself and beyond. It can hold up to 5000 pounds. YES! 500 to 1,000 POUNDS! The bed is super durable for anyone who may sleep crazy during the night. The bed does not shift and it’s pillow top is firm, but soft. The wonderful thing about this bed that I love, that it comes with a 20-year warranty. This is how much they care about you as a customer and their product. Now this goes beyond your average mattress company.


I have had this Baby for about a month and heaven sleep cant get any better!


I sleep, think, eat, and NO I HAVE HAD ANY extracurricular activities! HAHAHAHA! YET!


As soon as I lay down I am ultimately in a zone of comfort. It doesn’t move like my previous bed. It seems like I am laying on a cotton because I have to move, me joking around, just make sure there is something holding me up, that is how quite the bed is. I love the height of the bed. As a Queen that I am, my Queen bed is high. The frame is 9-inch tall and have you floating in thin air.



The holiday seasons are quickly approaching and you want to feel hug snug right in your own Big Fig Mattress that truly conforms and support plus size frame and /or taller built. Well, this bed is for you! Also, if you order makes sure you use my code ENJOYCURVES at checkout for $100 off your purchase. Everyone deserves to have a nice comfy sleep and the BIG FIG Mattress makes sure of that.

Happy sleep and rest!


Sponsored Post: Complimentary bed and review and comments were of my own!

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