Comfortable Pajamas and Coffee

Good morning and rising and shine!  the nest things about a goodnight towards arising shine is a great pajamas and delightful coffee. Side note: In total I have about four pajamas that I can call for comfort and restful nights when going to bed. I like to be comfortable while sleeping and not have my own clothing be a problem while resting.711B90D6-F1D5-49EC-94C1-188F2352BF99

I must say that this Plus Avocado Print Pajama Short Set is truly a comfortable short set for bed. The feel and look is very bright and great to wear to bead.

My cotton feel short pajamas set is very comfortable. I am wearing a size 3XL. I would size up as well if you have larger thighs like I do. The pajama top comes right above the top of the shorts. If you’re not into short tops then you will need to order a larger size. The short comes with a beautiful pink straw string if needing to make the waist tighter or lose. The shorts are short. It is good to size up especially if your thighs rub and you want to have the feeling of not always taking shorts from your crouch. Overall, it is very comfortable and doesn’t stick like some pajamas may. The print is very cool and unique. I am so crushing on the words of the pajamas.

AF75E6E9-F836-4FFA-BD25-FA729B695CE6If you’re looking for an easy going pajamas, this set is remarkably stunning! When purchasing this set you can use enJOYCurves20%  off based on original price and valid for any orders $59 or more. Happy shopping and look forward to you sharing your beautiful pieces!

Oh yeah…this is an easy cool short pajama set that is good for the summer time and easy when you have company over it doesn’t declare to show too much…skin! Happy Sleeping!














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