Passion? What is passion? Passion according to Google, strong and barley controllable emotion.

Like many and myself we all have a passion that drives us to do something. That passion within is a driving force that wants us to birth what is burning within to showcase to the world of what we have to share and give. Sometimes that passion can put us in a place of discomfort, a place of hurt, a place of needing, but it’s a “thing” that we love to do, but why is it putting us into a place of hurt.

267DC0D5-6876-48E3-9535-D63BB8CB78EBWell, fighting to develop this passion you’ll need self-courage, self-control, and focus. Having these three will make your passion to develop at a speed where you can control it.

When I started blogging, I knew what I wanted, I knew what the plans at that time in that moment, but God says, “I am not leaving you here…” Huh? I’ve been blogging for three years now and at times I feel like am I moving in the right directions. I must admit, i struggle a little with my focus, get lost in the “why’s” , and lose faith syndrome. BUT! I had to realize what God has for me is for me and what He has for others are for them and it isn’t my position to determine what I should and should not have. With these simple headliners I learned to stay on the path of JOY.

BAD98774-9B73-4359-B100-780A9D0F0007Self-Courage: Social media will have you thinking you’re doing everything wrong. You’re behind in the eight ball. You’re not doing this correctly and more. Well, you have to take the time and encourage yourself. You have to be your own cheerleader. You have to tell yourself it is ok. I am doing it right according to the way God wants you to. Pray. Evaluate your direction. You must have encouraging words for you and your opponents. Yes, your opponents are your friends. Don’t be afraid to ask. Don’t be afraid to seek help to assure you’re in the right direction. Never lose your self-courage.

03151426-68F2-47CA-B349-5E9C87219D12Self-Control: When following your passion, some people will have you thinking you can do it all, and all sometimes will have you falling and may never recover.You must be aware of some “exciting” things. Passion is a great thing to have, but we can sometimes be vulnerable to so many things that is not align what you’re doing. Practice self-control. “Be anxious for nothing, but through all supplication prayer.” ~Biblical verse Phil. 13:4

FOCUS: Stay focus. When falling for your passion, as you make a path for your passion, stay focus. Sometimes we lose our focus because we allow someone to get in our way, on our path, and causes us to lose the visions we sought for ourselves. Stay focus and be prepared of so many forces that will steer you in the wrong direction. Stay focus and have fun!




Outfit: Top and Bottom Rainbow Shops/ Heels: JustFab/ Clutch: Ashley Stewart  


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