Summer Business Wear

Yes, the summer still requires you to wear corporate looks even while it is hot. Here are few tips on looking stylish, but keeping the summer heat at a very low!A960E4FF-5B5F-46D0-8FE3-5F190BC384B3

Wear light colors: Wearing light colors will decrease the attention of the heat to stay capture in your clothing. Being intentional with the colors can sometimes decrease the stress of being hot, thinking about the heat, and the heat staying at a minimal.


  • Wear minimal, but stylish clothes: Wear a skirt that comes to your knees. Wear a tank top with a lighter thick blazer that is cool, but still give soft the corporate fashion look. Wear capris pants in case the office or work place doesn’t want you to wear Bermuda shorts. Remember to wear light colors.
  • Wear Dresses: Just as simply it is, women wear dresses. Dresses are cute, flare, and free. They are stress free when handling this summer heat, they are simply, and when wearing a dress you can add more snooze time to your sleep.F689BADB-8A47-4D2C-A514-0F3B0D01A4BB
  • Wear a positive attitude: Huh! I KNOW! Wearing a positive attitude can keep you cool, keep you from building stress, and especially when your dress to your comfort your attitude takes on a new look. A positive attitude will take you a long way. So, please stay cool and look for corporate wear that are summer ready and keep a strong attitude during these summer heats!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photography: Rick Jones Photo




Olive Skirt
Salmon Top

My clothing are sold out, but I added similar corporate look. All looks are from RainboW Shops .

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