Splash of a Fourth

This heat has me craving for anything cold, blizzard, and winter! UGH! Being plus and heat do not mix! The heat has me suffering a little too much. I am not a fan of the heat in any sort. When the heat strikes, it strikes with avenges and coming for anyone or anything  that is in it’s way!

Disclaimer: I love dipping in any water that is blue and cold. Apparently when I shot this look the water was so HOT I wanted to scream for the lifeguard to turn on the cold water on! Of course I mustard through the look and couldn’t wait to get out!

What is any other day to spend the holiday in the pool? Today is this day! I always down for a great look of a One-Shoulder Ruffle Striped Swimsuit . This off the shoulder one-piece is very eye catching and cute. The shoulder has three-layer 3D dimensional flaps that half circle the top part of the bathing suit gives the look more of a pop. This swimsuit will require you to size up. This swimsuit holds you in very well! The blue and white strips are a perfect color for the patriotic day! I just added a white ball earring to add a touch of the patriotic color.

If you’re looking for simply, stress less, and summer ready for the pool well this fashionable one-piece is it! When purchasing this swimwear you can use enJOYCurves20%  off based on original price and valid for any orders $59 or more. Happy shopping and look forward to you sharing your beautiful pieces!












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