The Joy of Blogging


Hello to all my new friends who have join me onto this journey call blogging! I am so glad you have taken your time to follow me, read about me, comment on my page, and just wanting to get to know me in some capacity!! I am so happy you have join me! Many have asked or wonder why I am so happy and never seem to show what gets me down! Well, that seem easy to answer, yes!

I’ve asked some of my current followers what would they like to know what keeps me so happy! There were some interesting questions, but I chose only to answer four to give a hint of happiness! You all had some great and deep questions that just tickle me. I’ve decided to choose four of them to talk about my “Joy of  Blogging!” Later in another blog post I’ll create all the questions that was sent!!

This is just my addition, but what truly keeps me happy is prayer and silence! In a nutshell! Prayer, self-control, and silence all equals success on God’s timing!!

This fabulous Printed Shirt Dress with Cuff Arms is from one of my favorite brand, Eloquii. This dress is a delight. Once you are in it you feels so girly and refresh of a woman! I love the floral pattern and the vertical button line from head to toe. This dresses comes in all sizes that are they offer. Hurry, it is selling out quick. The arms ruffle at the elbow giving it that extra life. This dress is perfect for brunch, church, or date with bae!


What do you get out blogging? WOW! This is a passion! I love everything about it. Yes, it requires work, but the payoff is great. I wanted to blog about fashion for curvy women. BUT God saw it another way. Early this year I moved over to lifestyle which encompass things I do on a regular bases. I love when I collab with brands because they see something in me that intrigues to their audience as well as my followers. I love it when we can make magic happens. Blogging is an outlet for me.


How do you maintain a healthy lifestyle while blogging and working? I am not a night person, so I tend to blog early in the morning or late at night which is 8:00pm for me. I set my self a schedule. I may blog three to four times a week depending on what I have during the week. I look ahead on what events, blog post, and what content I want to put out so I can be current and ready! I workout three times a week, and try to eat food that gives me energy. Does this always happen? NO! I try to make a conscience effort to so better with so much going on. Overall, I have fun with it all! Take time for yourself!


Am I dating anyone? Yes! I say date until the good Lord allows you to settle with someone. Well, let me break it down, my definition of “dating.” Dating is seeing whomever you want, enjoying life without any attachments. When I am dating one may say I am living on the wild side because you’re seeing so many people, yes but I control the environment, I control where we go, and what we do. Yes, you must have boundaries. It is ok to say no and move on.  For lack of wording, yes I am single so I can do this. Laughing out loud!


Will I ever get married? WOW! I didn’t want to put this question here, but I felt compel! YES, I want to get married! Simple! If you have anyone in mind…lets date and see! Laughing  loud!

There’s more to JOY, but a little is always good to know. Simplicity is key!


Remember always stay curvy and fashionable! 

Photos: Kevin 

All opinions are my own!

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