My Pageant Life~ Part I

WOW! I am in a Pageant!

My Journey- This has been a journey of mines for awhile! I remembered asking now my Director Lorraine Ross could I blog about the Ms. Full-Figured D.M.V. 2017 and without a doubt, YES! I came early, so early I couldn’t decide where to sit and eventually the crowd started to form and I needed to fine a seat quickly! I sat there with so much glee, my teeth wanted a break from shining so much! I smiled the whole time!

37D71E75-B13F-4236-BE60-B16B28DEE3FASad to say I never blogged about the event because I kept seeing myself on the stage and winning! The ladies of 2017 was so captivating I couldn’t focus on taking notes or picture taking. I started, like many others, who will be the Queen! I had my winners, but they were all so nice looking and great to see! Once they announced the winner it felt like I was on stage with Queen ReLita. Her amazed shock and exuberant burst through on stage it made me shed a few tears because you felt her pain in winning! Then and before I knew 2018 will be mines! I got home still smiling! I watched social media as they lit Queen ReLita up!

TODAY I am here to get my crown!

When Ms. Full-Figured D.M.V. announced they were having auditions, immediately I block all things that could get in my way! On December 2, 2017 at the Dance Place in NE Washington, D.C. I smiled so hard it was so surreal! I went in with all teeth where I was greeted by Second-Runner Up Charmiane! I had to filled out an application, received my number, and wait patiently as they call for me. Say hi to audition number 22! The process was pretty simple! I went in and had to show a “pageant walk.” Then later they recorded me, “If you had to rate yourself on a scale from 1-10 what will be and why?” After, I had the privileged talking to Queen ReLita as she go over a few requirements needed for the pageant. I left with a bigger smile!

AFB43766-4384-4EBD-8AA0-48C01524AB19On December 22, 2017 I was in the hospital from having fibroids removed and later I found out through social media I was a delegate to be the next Queen of  Ms. Full-Figured D.M.V. I was so happy! God has a way of turning your pain into JOY, especially when you’re laid up in the hospital!

My Beginning- On March 03, 2018 was our first initial meeting and there I was able to meet my pageant sisters! Quickly we formed a bond! We chat much through text messages, our mentor Queen ReLita would keep us abreast of all information that is needed and whose always ready to answered any questions.

D123701F-ED89-41CD-B0DC-2F5088FBABE7My Workshops- Through the process we have many workshops we attend to help develop our presence for being Queen! The workshops are consisted of working out, healthy and beauty, the do’s and don’ts of pageant, and bonding! The workshops are so much fun! It is truly a place where you can meet your pageant sister and talk about your jitters of being in the pageant!

My Fellow Pageant Sisters: This journey wouldn’t be impossible without the greatest of such beautiful ladies! I have gotten to know many in my group and the most through out when we’re in the workshops!

EB518A45-6AE1-450E-A424-84EBA33622A2(Pictured: Queen ReLita, Second Runner-Up Charmine, Delegate Joy, and First-Runner up Capri)


My Moment- I felt all type of greatness shooting up my bones! This was real! I have a sashed! It’s not the sashed for the crown, but I know it is mines and beyond!

My Mentor: my friend, My Queen for life has truly been a helpful person! Queen ReLita has been nothing but supporitve! She truly has an open door, phone, email and way policy of contact. If she can’t get with you immedialty she will surely direct you with another mentor or our director for the answer or help.

My Platform- “Fibroid: The Silent Killer Among African American Women” Why this? Fibroid are a non-cancerous tumor that plague among the African American women community. It is a story that many of us have to live with due to lack of knowledge and how one can get help before it is to late. BUT! There are many ways to prevent this “beast”! Stay tune for more about my platform in a later post.


 I am pictured with my Director Lorraine and First Runner-Up Capri where I just been sashed.  I am loving this moment on beyond!


I would never stop smiling because coming this far is awesome with me!

8CA60DCA-09A5-4A55-9E07-3F28BB5EDB30As part of my daily activities and work, I am in a blogging group, District Queens. Mrs. Lorraine is very supportive of all our activities and a very presence help within the community. I just love her!

EDAC4256-C516-481E-AC78-42E9D8DA4086My Queen ReLita -Queen ReLita’s group were out for brunch! We are truly building friendship and sisterhood! These ladies here are funny and great to be around with! We laughed, we got to know each other a little more, and above all we really love one another. Despite the end we will always be connected and you will see more of us in the future..stay tune!

90AFF24F-4AC6-4195-8259-5EBAA7567DB0We may be dressed in black, but nothing about our attire speaks death! It is an easy color to coordinate and show formality! Our Queen ReLita had to leave early to set-up our workshop!

All opinions are my own!

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