A Flower For Life

I know many times we need to adjust around our surrounds, but really it’s the surrounding that needs to adjust. I know I felt victim to trying to fit in and deep down inside I didn’t fell so great! BUT! Yes, there’s a but because its part of growing up and sometimes realizing who you are and not having to be part a group if you feel like you have to change.


Today’s post I dedicated to those girls and women who have felt like they had to be apart of something and not really fit in. remember you’re a pretty flower. A flower shines bright; smells good, and never have to grab the attention of anyone. Be that flower.

I am wearing this flowery dress from rainbow. This dazing dress is a way of being pretty without doing a whole lot. The flowery detailing print is very cool for the summer and looking nice during a nice cool day boat ride. It is very easy to be worn and can be worn on the shoulders or off.











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