She’s Three and Growing

Third Year is a Blessing  

Year One-Why I starting blogging

F945A6E6-0824-4901-B5EA-768D901789FAFirst and foremost I will and always continue to give GOD the glory and honor for allowing me to come this far and really see “quitting” wasn’t an option! I am offering thank you to all my family and friends and beyond, for the list will be long to name everyone by name who has encouraged, pushed, and helped in any capacity. I will continue to be a beacon of light to many, keep going, keep sharing what God has for me to share, and continue to be me! I love this thing call blogging. It is truly a passion. I know it has so much more for me and can’t wait for what it has for me!

I started blogging because it is a way I can showcase my unique styling of dressing from a plus size woman perspective! Yes, I’ve heard “you are not big”, “you are okay for your size.” Yes, they are correct! I am prefect, but according to Dr. Chalabi I am over weight, but the juror is still out on that! Laughing out Loud! Still my weight has nothing to do with my phenomenal size! I love me from day one and beyond!

650ACE3E-C839-474D-B32B-1B66DA8CBF5EI started to do a little research on “blogging”! I knew a little about blogging, but not in depth to where I needed to know. My circle didn’t and still doesn’t “really” encompass blogging! I continue to do my research on blogging, but to my findings I have found some great bloggers who were and are making great change and strides for curvy/plus women.

I must admit when I started I was extremely scared, because I didn’t have the tools to start or how or where to start. All I knew through my research I found that I needed a website!4AE4C8B3-D5BE-4854-B8C2-6583AAB05DE2

Now I got my website going. I need pictures, oops I don’t a have a camera! I have an iPad. Thank God for my friend, Michelle who was always willing to take my pictures at a drop of a dime. I purchased all the clothes at the beginning. I would drive around the DMV area to find a location to shoot. I know many can contest  and those were the days!

6FCC3CDB-8C96-44E0-967C-AE22A029E1B0Year Two- Why I Continue to blog?

Now it’s Year Two! Now it is real for people. People are seeing my fruit of my labor. People are beginning to take notice and say wow your taking great pictures! Which is great, but NOW I wanted more for Joyofcurves! I planned accordingly to have a route with God’s plan. I started to go out more. When I say more, meaning I go out B6B4EDFA-3CFA-4623-B5AA-BA020C4C853Cmore during the week because I am not a night person, so I had to sacrifice through my tiredness. I started to travel more to see whose part of the blogging family. In year two I started to build more authentic relationships. My relationships grew beyond my blogger friends to brand. Now I have incorporated modeling and pageant into this blogging. I have become a storyteller. I can go on and on, but I am happy with all my accomplishments and all so far what blogging has brought. I have a long way to go, but I am glad I have made it to year three and can’t wait for what God has in store for me.

Stay tune for YEAR THREE for much, much more accomplishments which is coming to Joyofcurves way and for you.

Thanks to James Pleasant for these beautiful pictures and always being a great friend!


Fact: I love small puppies, but don’t want one for myself!


Fact: My favorite color is purple! I love almost anything purple. Every in doubt in wanting to share gifts you can give me something purple!


Fact: I love to eat onions on almost all my food!


Fact: I will take balloons any day over flowers. I love all types of balloons.


Fact: I am a big fan of fashion! I am a girl whose in love with clothes, shoes, it styles, prints, and all what it has to offer.


Fact: I am a twin…to a boy! We are fraternal twins.


Fact: My twin and I are the first to be born in America from my mother side of the family.


Fact: I love all designer heels! I am love shoes period, but heels are my friends!


Fact: My favorite dessert is anything with nuts…!


Fact: I only been on social media for the three years.




Fact: I am a delegate for Ms. Full-figured DMV for Ms. EXQUISITE




Fact: I teach by day and blog by night.



Year two has come to an end and now its game time for YEAR THREE!


5 thoughts on “She’s Three and Growing

  1. This is amazing Joy!

    I am so proud of you. You are an inspiration to many. This is my first time visiting your blog today. I will certainly return to be inspired. Keep up the good work.


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