The Body of a Goddess

“This summer is going to get what body I give it! Laughing out loud! I knew when seeing this two piece was a must have!

The body of a goddess! If you don’t think highly of yourself who will?! I love everything about me! I LOVE every part of me! My body is design and wonderfully made in God’s own image. Someone ask me do I “dislike” a certain part of my body! Hell no! Why? Because I love everything about me and I have grown to love every love handle, thigh rubbing, belly hanging, and sweet arms.

Now getting this inexpensive  Plus Size Kulani Kinis Floral Triangle Bikini was the easy part, but when my girls saw the top, I knew they were like “WOW !”  Getting them in was a little complicated, but we managed! I am wearing a 3XL top and 2XL bottom. The swimsuit is lightweight top, it snugs you in without much complication, and you’ll feel free when swimming! I felt great! The bottom is not high-waist, but still was able to cover up my belly and feel very comfortable! Overall, I love the color. The color is truly spring-summer ready, plus the color looks great against my skin. Let your body show! you only have one body, so live like a goddess and have fun!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable!










Forever21 Plus Swimwear

You’ll love every part of their swim wear if you haven’t gotten  any this year!

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