The Body of Stripes

A little disclaimer: Many women of my size really don’t like patterns or any prints because they believe they showcase their figure in a “wrong” way. Patterns and prints really don’t showcase they figure as they want to, but I will dare to say “myth.” You are daring and bold! Wear what you want! You make the clothes and not the clothes make you!

478DA771-494B-4F79-BE88-173F34C1D0E6Yes, I hope I am able to discourage any thoughts and preconceive notion that prints and patterns will not ruin a girl’s figure. I love the prints and patterns. Prints and patterns give girls that new style and edgy feel and desire look. Styling prints and patterns gives the body life if you know how to accentuate your body type very well. You are you and nobody can be you, so bring the best you out and showcase the fashion within!

F84B9E44-3C49-440C-B412-2EF6EC497850The dress! When I saw this dress I love the simplicity and elegant, but still giving fierce and fire! I love how the strips are going in different direction to crab the attention of all eyes!

This Vertical Striped Flounce Sleeve Dress is remarkable stunning. The dress comes a little over my knee. I am wearing a size 3XL. The dress has great stretch, but it conforms to the body very well, giving the body that silhouette and demanding look. It will appear tight, but it is very comfy and stress less. This dress is surely a “him” stopper!

The dress neckline is circular, giving that perfect lining around the neck. The vertical strips align the body and arms very well, while the wrist has the flounce horizontal bell like opening to give that sass to the dress. I kept the accessories to a limit. I word a pop of red bracelet to add flare, but kept the attention on the dress. I wore an open pip toe red heel and multi-color purse for fun!

64537AB7-6227-47E2-A45F-5B04E64D0C6EYes, this dress has plenty of stretch, but shape wear is required! You must have great shape wear! This dress is not your typical work dress. It’s for a nice dinner with bae or nice event that will require bae to have a bow tie!

If you’re looking for simply, stress less, still elegant dress, well this dress is it! When purchasing this dress you can use enJOYCurves20%  off based on original price and valid for any orders $59 or more. Happy shopping and look forward to you sharing your beautiful pieces!





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