Queen is Fierce

I had the opportunity to celebrate Forman Mills Grand Opening in early May in Forsetville, Maryland. I had a blast visiting and shopping into the store. The staff was very nice and helpful. I must say it was crowed, but it didn’t stop me or anyone from shopping some great deals!

First, let me say I am not an individual who will normally shop in Forman Mills, but after perusing through the store, there were so many great items from home décor to gardening to great fashion! Yes, this is a great place to get get great deals!

Tops: The tops are not my desire look, but they maybe for some people. They do carry every color cameo, various color tanks, and cute graphic-Ts. Now there are some tops that are cute. Some tops flare out nicely and gives room around the waist. I like more fitted tops, but it is not to say they don’t have them, but I didn’t come across any of my liking.

Bottoms:  The bottoms are must-haves! I love their bottoms. THE BOTTOMS were my favorite! They were unique, colorful, and fun! Review the video! The link is below! Please note I am almost got every bottom!

Dresses:  Yes, I didn’t showcase any dresses because I wanted to show more bottoms and tops of different style and color. Dresses are so easy to wear and dependable, but we (plus size women) know when looking and wearing bottoms can be difficult at times. I wanted to emphasize the tops and bottoms and how colorful and versatile they are.

Pricing: The pricing is very inexpensive. You can walk out with a great outfit for literally under $30 and that includes a pair of sandals since we’re entering into the summer season. It’s a great place to shop for almost anything. The great thing about Forman Mills it won’t break the bank!

78277A2B-C1F0-4D3D-86A2-53B889C7D04CMy outfit of choice: When I saw this high-waist distress, animal print leggings, I screamed with JOY! I would never have bought this because of the jagged rips and I have never worn anything like it! Let’s be daring! Yes, getting these leggings was surely a plus and I am glad I did! It allow me to step out of my box and showcase that curves can look great in any clothing!

47FF9EFD-75BE-4A96-A0B4-D2E4824A8D91I paired it with the perfect graphic-t.“Queen”! The top is soft cotton with hi V-cut along the sides. The description is a perfect for a woman with high status! I kept the accessories low to maintain the focal point onto the outfit!

This outfit is great for going out with bae, hanging with the girls, or even better, CONCHELLA!






Video: Forman Mills Plus Size Try-On make sure to subscribe, like, and comment!

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