Loving New York

Well, who says Instagram (IG) is not a great place to meet “people”?

Some months ago, I knew I was going to New York and I knew I wanted to take photos, so I started to look everywhere and asking people about photographers in the Big Apple! The search wasn’t very hard, but finding someone who will not charge you so much …was!

The search came easy, but the pricing was very astronomical! I wanted to pay, but not someone’s rent! NO! I search and pray, search and pray, and search and pray until I came across Kyle page! Kyle’s IG is located at bottom!

I was very intrigued because I’ve seen a blogger who I admire and very pulchritudinous and the pictures were very beautiful. I watch, no I was not lurking or stalking, I was just viewing the content and seeing how the pictures were looking and how well he captured his clients.

This is why social media at times is very important. I slide…lol! I slide into his direct messages (DM) and cordially introduced myself. Kyle and I spoke for a while! I finally made my trip up to Big Apple! I had a meeting with my favorite brand, Eloquii later Kyle and I was off to shoot!

Kyle I met up! Kyle and I took pictures in Long Island at the pier by the “Pepsi-Cola” sign. The atmosphere was family oriented! The day was very cool and windy! Many people were out and about giving me “The Cosby’s feel”!  Overall, the day was perfect! Information about Kyle is located on the bottom!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable!


Me walking modeling next to a bar in the neighborhood! Why the smile? I was just happy!


Just feeling myself!


Needing to brush up on my taxi calling! This did not feel so great! Probably because the uncontrollable laughter had me going!


Trying to get the calling down to get a taxi…no success!


Hey New York!


Just know I had a blast! My top was a gift, so not sure where to shop for one! You can look into many brands to get similar look! Heels are from payless!

***I know I’ve been told I am a great story teller, but this is a true story!***

Kyle IG: abovereproach …needing a photographer in the Big Apple Kyle is your go to person!! Happy Shooting!


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