A Little Spring of Old Navy

It’s springtime! Flowers, colors, and fresh air is upon us and I am here for it all! Spring speak new, rebirth and refresh. I am a color person myself and I love colors and how well they sparkle into the sunlight!

Today’s outfit is a spring of new life. I am wearing a beautiful, pop of pink pants that is very fitted and can be worn to almost any event. The pants are comes exactly to my ankles. The color in the pants makes my thighs pop very well. The texture of the pants is very soft and speaks “dainty.” I would size up only because if you’re thigh heavy like myself I would size up.

I kept the top simple. I am wearing very, light long sleeves, banana print with baby faint blues lines. I kept the top light because I wanted to keep the focus onto the pants. I am wearing floral heels that are a match. It encompasses all the spring colors and all the colors that are being worn.

I like a simply, but extravagant. This outfit makes a great date night! I love when clothes can compliment any event. Please do share your dating outfits, would love to hear from you!

Remember always stay curvy and fashionable!












All Opinions are my own. I have put below the links in where you can the items or similar. Happy Shopping!

Pixie Plus Pants

Banana Top (Similar)

Floral Heels

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